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A Magneto/Mystique Community

A Magneto/Mystique Community
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This is a livejournal community that focuses on the X-Men pairing of Magneto and Mystique. Any universe is welcome including movies, television, and comics. As long as it has something to do with Magneto and Mystique it can be from any X-Men storyline.

We are happy to accept anything you have to offer: fan fiction, fan art, fan media, video manipulation, icons, etc. The more the merrier. General discussion is always welcome too.

Some Community Rules

1. Post Fan Fiction, Art, and Videos with headers of some sort. Example:

Wordcount: (if you choose)
Spoilers: (if applicable)

Feel free to modify this to suit your whim.

2. Please use an LJ cut for posting stories and graphics. Links are also welcome. You are welcome to post a few icons as a preview and then LJ cut or link to the rest. If you don't know how to make a cut, here's LJ's useful FAQ about LJ Cuts.

3. Please make sure to rate any stories or artwork that are R, M, or above as such so that any young members will know what they are about to view. We are happy to accept (and down right eager to have) NC-17 or MA rated posts so long as you rate them appropriately and hide them behind an LJ cut. It is technically illegal for minors to view that kind of stuff so please follow the rating system. This way if some minor's mouse just so happens to click on a link, it is completely their fault.

Crazy Ass Rating Systems
MPAA vs. FF.net
Rated G = Rated K
Rated PG = Rated K+
Rated PG13 = Rated T
Rated R = Rated M
Rated NC17 = Rated MA

Feel free to use either, but beware the MPAA has been getting mighty pocessive about their rating system.

4. The nature of our dear Mystique allows her to assume so many shapes. So all pairings are welcome here so long as it's Mystique and Magneto together in some way. m/f, m/m, f/f, threesomes, moresomes, etc. All kinks are allowed. Give fair warning to the faint of heart.

5. Don't flame people. It's mean, uncooth, and uncivilized. You're better than that. Give constructive criticism instead. Don't spam this community.

6. Please do not advertise in this community unless your post somehow relates to Magneto, Mystique, or the X-Men. Posts of this nature are reviewed by the moderators and allowed or deleted based on our whim. (Or by how bitchy angelofsnow is feeling that day.)

7. Introduction posts are encouraged but not required. Be friendly with each other and get to know one another. Post comments. Making friends is one of the most rewarding aspects of LJ.

Your maintainers are kind hearted souls and it is unlikely you will find yourself in trouble unless you act like a complete idiot. Most of all have fun. And enjoy exploring the complexities of Magneto's relationship with Mystique.


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