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10 September 2006 @ 10:54 pm
Link List  
Okay, I just learned LJ limits the links you can post on your journal. (See those 8 links to your right.) Really? What gives? Even paid users have a limit. That's bullmalarky and down right inconsiderate in my book. But, oh well... We're limited to 10 measly links. So I thought I would create a master link list and make a link to it, in the links to your right. So here goes. 

  The Master Link List


Broad Topic X-Men Fic Communities 
marvel_fic - Accepts fic from all marvel comics or movies
xmmff - X-Men Movieverse Fan Fiction
xmenfic - Little used community relating to the WWOMB archive
xfiction - Another big X-Men fic community
xmendrabble - devoted to X-Men drabble fic
xmmficathon - a community to prompt and claim fic in an annual ficathon
x3fic - community devoted exclusively to ficcing the last stand
x_edit - This comm helps fic writers find beta editors.
thoroughlyreccd - Recommends good X-Men fic, along with other fandoms
ship_manifesto - Collects essays on all the pairings of characters in each fandom

Other X-Men Communities
xmen_100icons - Great X-Men icons and 100 icon challenge
beyondx - An X-Men community with news, discussion, and updates
x_movie_stamp - stamping community
monitor_duty - Bi-Weekly newsletter focusing on DC and Marvel comic LJ news
comicstore_news - Daily update on Marvel and DC movieverse LJ news
comicbook_icons - icons from both Marvel and DC comics
backissuebin - Scans of older backissue comics
scans_daily - massive community featuring millions of X-Men comic scans

Related Pairing or Character Communities
uc_xmen - Uncommon X-Men pairings
magnetic_appeal - A community devoted to Magneto
raven_darkholme - A Mystique community
oldfriends - Charles and Erik community
demented_allure - Magneto and Rogue community
like_this_one - Magneto/Phoenix fan community
wolverinerogue - exceptionally well run archive and community of Rogan fic

Archives: (usually of Fan Fiction)

Fanfiction.net - the largest collection of fan fiction on the net. Ever.
Magnetophile - A Fanfiction.net C2 community featuring movieverse Magneto with all pairings. (run by yours truly angelofsnow)
Moving Pictures - andrastewhite's X-Men movieverse fiction archive
 - Magneto/Mystique Fanlisting


X-Men Movieverse Overview - short description of movies, and info about all character pairings and the fandom itself
History of Magneto (comics) - makes the diverse comic storylines understandable
Mutant High: Mystique - Cerebra File and Character Bio
Magneto/Mystique Shipper Manifesto - the definitive study of the Magneto/Mystique pairing, or why we ship M/M
Screen Caps X1 - nice quality X1 screencaps but relatively few of Magneto or Mystique
Secret Obsession Caps X1 - screen captures from X1
Secret Obsession Caps X2 - screen captures from X2
The Religion of Comic Book Characters - tells you nearly every comic book characters religious affiliation


Ian McKellen's Offical Site - so much great stuff here.
Rebecca Romijn UGO Interview - her interview with UnderGround Online
The Rebecca Romijn FanPage - frequently updated with lots of pictures
mckellenfan - Ian McKellen Daily
sir_ian_slash - contains RPS (real people slash) may be offensive to some

This is obviously a very thin list right now. But I hope to improve it. Please comment to this page with links you know of to M/M related stuff. I'll add it to the list and it will grow into an awesome resource. Hopefully.
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